FLYPLYMOUTH | Reconnecting Plymouth with the world
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Welcome to


Reconnecting Plymouth with the world

Our next quarterly public meeting is on Tuesday 27th September at 6.15 pm Future Inn, Plymouth, PL6 5DZ

FLYPLYMOUTH is a locally-based social enterprise created to reopen Plymouth airport.

Our aim is to reopen the airport on a short lease within two years and reintroduce air passenger services within three.

Plymouth is at its best when it is outward looking.

We believe staying connected is vital for Plymouth to have a bright future.

We are: Plymouth-based

Plymouth airport operated successfully for most of its 85 years because it was controlled by LOCAL business people that were focussed on AVIATION. Plymouth’s airport is never going to be a large business, so exposing it to out­-of­-area or non-­aviation interests ­such as property­ will always put it at risk. FLYPLYMOUTH aims to eliminate that risk ensuring that Plymouth enjoys reliable air services for years to come.

We are: Air not Land

FLYPLYMOUTH specialises in aviation activities. We are not interested in distractions such as the value of the land that that airport sits on. While undoubtedly lucrative, building on an airport offers a one-­off windfall. This is not sustainable and it is not good for Plymouth which must protect its strategic assets.
Optimising the airport’s commercial potential will deliver benefit to the city in terms of jobs and the local economy for years to come that will dwarf one­-off land deals.

We are: Social Enterprise

FLYPLYMOUTH is a locally-owned company limited by guarantee which means that profits generated by the business will be recycled into the airport rather than being extracted by private shareholders. We believe that this is the best way of securing the long term prospects of Plymouth Airport and the right way to operate long term strategic infrastructure that underpins vital local services.

The Plan

FLYPLYMOUTH plans to reopen Plymouth airport and reintroduce aviation and air passenger services in a way that is stepped and incrementally profitable at each stage. We believe that this objective is deliverable in two to three years and that by working together with the City around a demonstrably credible plan supported by independent feasibility analysis Plymouth will be able to benefit from new job creation and better connectivity.

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